Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Secret Stories® Posters....only SMALLER!!!

(includes the book, placards & CD)
They're smaller (8.5'11 inch) size and sturdier weight makes for easy access and handling during direct instruction, circle time, small group, musical skill-practice/singing, etc...  
and the thin, yellow border really makes them "pop" off the wall, when posted!

Learn the SECRET™ about ER, IR & UR! 
Practice the Digraph-SECRETS!

And the best part?
If you already have the SECRET STORIES®, you can purchase the Dual-Use Placards set separately!  (This is not an option unless you already have a SECRET STORIES® Kit, as the book & CD are needed to tell the "secrets!")


And in other news....
There are some AMAZING conferences coming up this fall
I will be at all of the following, beginning with Calgary and California later this week, and I hope to get the chance to meet up with many at one of the below before the year is out!!!

The Vulnerable Readers Conference in Calgary, Canada

The California Reading Conference in Riverside, California
*Mrs. Mac will actually be presenting for me on Friday afternoon in California, as I'll be flying in just in time to speak on Saturday :)

New Jersey Educators Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey

New York State Reading Conference in Saratoga Springs, New York

West Virginia State Reading Conference in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
*I'll be here on the 19th, so as to make it to the NAESP in Orlando on the 20th :)

NAEYC National Ass. of Early & Young Children Conference in Orlando, Florida

TAGT Texas Ass. of Gifted & Talented Conference in San Antonio, Texas

Mississippi Reading Conference in Biloxi, Mississippi

And don't even get me started on 2016!
(But if you want a sneak-peek, just check here around Thanksgiving-time :)

FREE!!!  Grab this SECRET STORIES® Reader In the Fall  NOW!!

And just in case you missed this on the SECRET STORIES Face Book Page, check out Mrs. Mac and her fabulous first graders doing their own rendition of the SECRET STORIES® Letter Run, "Jedi-style," in preparation for the new Star Wars movie release!!!

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And finally, as I haven't gotten to post here for a while, I also wanted to share this adorable bit of writing from a little kindergartner who'd just turned five at the start of kindergarten, this year.  Here's her mom's message and her "Fancy Nancy" writing!

My daughter's kindergarten teacher wanted me to send this to you. Leah just turned 5 and she's rocking the Secret Stories! She did this all by herself for her "Fancy Nancy" Science Exploration class!!!

Can you spot all of the SECRETS™?  
(And yes, it's really that easy to learn them.... even for 4 year olds!!!)  
And the more "tools" that learners bring to the table, the more value they take away!

Until Next Time,