Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What Kindergartners are REALLY Thinking This Time of Year... The "Redacted" Version!!

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If you are just now seeing this post then you are viewing the 'edited' version.

This is because I just realized that posts made here on my blog (which I'd assumed would be just 'between us' ;) were automatically published to the front page of the SECRET STORIES website in a 'sneak-peek' window....

And given the somewhat "questionable" (but REALLY REALLY funny) content of my previous post (about whether or not I should share it on the SECRET STORIES FaceBook Page)

   My husband's was like...

                                                                                        And I was all.... 

So the message here is that you'd best not lolly-gag in getting around to reading my posts here or you will end up with the "redacted" versions!   LoL ;)


  1. I actually subscribe to you through the Blog Lovin' too, so I'm 'in the know!'
    Lol! Too Funny!!!

  2. I saw it and thought it was great!! You should definitely post it on FaceBook now, since it's already been posted on your website! hahaha!

  3. Awwww! NO FAIR :(
    Now I'll be wondering about this all day!
    I say that whatever it was, you go ahead and post it on the Facebook page!!