Monday, September 1, 2014

The Winner Is...... Plus a Correction!

Announcing this month's winner of the "Reading-Recipe" Triple Giveaway........
Carol T. !!

And a very special THANK YOU to everyone for following and especially for taking the time to participate in conversation on the blog!

On a side note, I wanted those who took advantage of the "48-Hour Free Download" of the SECRET STORIES Guided Reader- My Classmates to be aware that there was an error on pg 9 (as well as on the corresponding black & white page copy) and that you will need to re-download the corrected version of those two pages. To do this, just go to the product page and download the "Preview"  containing the corrected page versions.

I hope everyone enjoyed their long Labor Day Weekend and is prepared to head back for another exciting (and SHORT) school week!  

And just to make you smile, I stumbled across the following on Pinterest, to which I'm sure that you can all relate... 

All the Best,

PS  If you have been experiencing any problems with receipt of blog post notification updates, please let me know, or you can leave a comment here (assuming that you've received this post, that is!) 

A few subscribers have expressed frustration over not receiving the email notifications of new blog postings and thus, having to rely on Pinterest or Facebook (as followers there) to find out about new content/ postings.  In the meantime, for those experiencing any difficulty with the emails, Blog Lovin' is a great 'safety-net' alternative to ensure that no posts or 'limited-time' download offerings are missed :)


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  1. Hi Katie,
    I emailed you yesterday via the "Contact Katie" regarding my recent purchase of the classroom set; did you receive it? If not, is there an email through which to contact you? Thanks!

  2. Hi there!
    I actually just got back into town from conference late this afternoon, but I believe I forwarded your email to the office, as they handle all of the ordering/ shipping.... just let me know if you haven't heard anything yet.