Sunday, May 17, 2015

Test your "SECRET" Knowledge!

The SECRET STORIES® Facebook Page
This weekend, I posted an adorable picture on Facebook that I'd found on Pinterest of adorable kids from Megan Felty's class, dressed as a and i, as two vowels going a walking. I posted the picture along with a "challenge" for readers to "Name all of the other "secret" ways to get the long a sound!"

Well that question was way too easy, as multiple posters instantly answered it.  

So, I posted a harder one, "Name all the "secret" ways to get the long e sound?"

And as of today, Sunday at 5:30 pm EST, there is still ONE "secret" way that no one has gotten.... despite some really great attempts and "secret-stretching!" 

That's why I wanted to post this tonight, just in case any blog followers might know (or have their SECRET STORIES® book at home to 'thumb-through' and find it!

The first one to figure out and post the missing SECRET™for the long e sound gets a special "secret" surprise! Please post your answer below AND on the actual Facebook Post so that I don't miss it. 

If no one gets it, then I'll post the answer on Monday!


I actually thought of a perfect hint for it too,
but my husband said it's "too appropriate" to post.



  1. "i" tries "e" on for size--Ex.--medium, immediate, stadium, aquarium, radiant, helium, auditorium

    1. Congratulations! That is correct!! I'm not sure if you were one of the posters to the facebook page or not, as someone finally got the answer over there, as well!

      Please email me at, and congratulations again!